RIP Bob Brozman

Internationally Beloved World Blues Musician, Bob Brozman, Passes Away at Age 59

foto-bobBob Brozman was a friend, an outstanding musician, and an amazing character. One of the sharpest and most critical brains I had the pleasure to have conversations with... He leaves a hole and we will miss him. Farewell Bob - wherever you are off to in your transition to your next existence. Much love - Thomas Ruf

Santa Cruz, California (April 25, 2013)   Bob Brozman was found dead at his home in Santa Cruz, CA in the evening of April 23, 2013.  Brozman, the steel-guitar innovator who got his start playing on the streets of Santa Cruz, died at age 59.
A legend in the world of blues and roots music, who integrated styles from around the world, Brozman was one of the world’s most beloved musical figures. His uniquely bold playing style and banter with the audience gave him the opportunity not just to entertain with his sharp wit, but also challenge core assumptions about the function of rhythm and sound.
“Bob is beloved to me, and to so many in so many countries,” says long-time friend and pianist, George Winston. “His legacy will live on and will no doubt become the standard-bearer to musical innovators for decades to come.”
Born in New York on March 8, 1954, Brozman was a world traveler who thrived on collaborating with the best musicians he could find from many different musical traditions. Known as the “King of the National Guitar,” his trademark guitar sound came from National steel guitars that he discovered at age 13.  He wrote “The History and Artistry of National Resonator Instruments,” and was the world authority on vintage and modern National Reso-Phonic guitars.  
His body of recorded work spanned 30+ years.  His most recent release was last year’s Fire in the Mind.  Since his first solo album in 1981, Bob's repertoire of recordings has grown by over 30 titles to include 14 solo projects and at least a dozen collaborations with international friends. His ability to use the guitar as a portable translator of culture - coupled with his empathetic nature (through music, culture, and language) and seemingly boundless energy – enabled him to establish genuine musical friendships based on respect and love of music.
Bob is survived by his wife and partner of 15 years, Haley Robertson Brozman, brothers in NYC, and daughter Zoe Brozman, 20, along with a tremendous international community of friends and fans.  It is their desire to carry out Bob’s vision in the creation of a foundation, Global Music Aid, to help third-world musicians obtain instruments, strings, tuning gears, and basic recording equipment. To donate please go to

Devon Allman: Neues Video!

Nach der Veröffentlichung von Devon Allmans erstem Soloalbum „Turquoise“ bei Ruf Records im Februar gibt es nun auch ein Video seines Songs „Stop Draggin‘ My Heart Around“. Das Duett wurde mit der Blues Award-Gewinnerin Samantha Fish in New Orleans aufgenommen.


Die Spin Doctors sind zurück!

spin-doctorsWenn das legendäre New Yorker Quartett am 19. April If The River Was Whiskey durch Ruf Records veröffentlicht, werden die meisten von euch eine Seite der Spin Doctors kennenlernen, die bisher nur die Fans der ersten Stunde kannten.
Die Spin Doctors - damit werden fast immer „nur“ die Ikonen hinter den millionenfach verkauften Hits wie Two Princes, Little Miss Can`t Be Wrong und dem Klassiker-Album  Pocket Full Of Kryptonite verbunden.

Nun, im Jahre 2013, erinnern sich Chris Barron ( Gesang), Aaron Comess (Schlagzeug), Eric Schenkman (Gitarre) und Mark White (Bass) an die abgebrannten, die in der New Yorker Bluesszene von ein paar Dollar leben mussten. Jetzt schließt sich der Kreis. 

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1.Some-Other-Man-InsteadPlayDownload this Song

Blues Caravan 2013: Tomorrow's Guitar Heroes

BC 2013

Nachdem in den vergangenen zwei Jahren die ‚Girls with Guitars‘ als betonte weibliche Attraktion durch die Länder zogen, werden bei der neuesten Ausgabe des von Ruf Records präsentierten Blues Caravan die Karten neu gemischt. 2013 wird die Bühne nämlich von zwei angriffslustigen Gitarristen aus Nordamerika zurück erobert.

Die beiden Raubeine werden wiederum von einer dynamischen Gitarristin und Sängerin begleitet, die stets eine explosive Show voller rauer Emotionen bietet. Wenn dieses außerordentlich stark besetzte Trio los legt, geht es garantiert hart zur Sache.

Hier ist ein erstes Video zu sehen:

BluesCaravan 2013 video clip

Jimmy Bowskill ist mit nur elf Jahren vom renommierten Bluesmusiker Jeff Healey entdeckt worden. Mittlerweile ist der junge Kanadier mehrmals in Europa unterwegs gewesen und hat 2012 mit dem Album Back Number ein kraftstrotzendes Studiodebüt für Ruf Records hingelegt. War sein Stil anfangs eher etwas für Traditionalisten, bewegt er sich seitdem immer mehr in Richtung Classic-Rock. Sein Trio ist als Support für Acts wie Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa oder Wishbone Ash stets gut angekommen, braucht aber längst nicht mehr im Schlepptau solcher Rock-Größen zu fahren. „Mein jetziger Sound ist zwar recht rockig, spiegelt aber letztendlich meine ganz eigene Vision des Blues wider“, erklärt Bowskill. „Ich bin erst Anfang 20 und voller Energie. Natürlich klingt der Blues bei mir anders.“

RIP Iverson Minter AKA Louisiana Red

116 rip-iverson-minter-aka-louisiana-red-march-23rd-1932-

"i am very sad about my friend RED leaving us. he was the very first blues artist i got to meet in person and the first blues concert i ever promoted when i was 19. RED was one of the last giants in blues that constantly and spontaneously spoke his mind with a new line, a new melody every day. on stage as well as off stage. he was a permanent spring of pure blues. and he was a very generous man. my thought are with his lovely wife dora who kept him together the last 30 years as well as his children and family. if you are a lucky person that owns a record of this blues giant, this is a good time to play it and apprechiate the man we just lost."

thomas ruf

Blues Caravan 2012 - More Girls With Guitars -


115 blues-caravan-2012-more-girls-with-guitars-

The first dates of the new Blues Caravan -More Girls With Guitars- feat.: Dani Wilde, Victoria Smith, Samantha Fish are confirmed.
Jan. 26th D-Lindewerra, Gemeindesaal
Jan. 27th F-Ensisheim, Le Caf Conc
Jan. 28th F-Disney Village, Billy Bob's Club - Week End Blues
Jan. 29th F-Callac, Le Bacardi
Jan. 30th F-Nancy, Music Academy International
Jan. 31st D-Bonn, Harmonie
Feb. 01st D-Stuttgart, Merlin
Feb. 02ndD-Lorsch, Rex
Feb. 03rd D-Soest, Schlachthof
Feb. 04th D-Hannover, Blues Garage
Feb. 05th D-Erfurt, Gewerkschaftshaus
Feb. 07th D-Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
Feb. 08th D-Offenburg, Reithalle
Feb. 09th D-Fulda, Kreuz
Feb. 10th D-Berlin, Quasimodo
Feb. 11th D-Worpswede, MusicHall
Feb. 13th D-Nürnberg, Hirsch
Feb. 14th D-München, Garage Deluxe
Feb. 15th D-Karlsruhe, Jubez
Feb. 16th D-Kaiserslautern, Kammgarn
Feb. 17th D-Kassel, Theaterstübchen

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