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Turquoise (180g Vinyl)

$18.00 (18,00 €) each


Ruf Edition! audiophile Pressung

Release date

May 2013

Release Notes

Turquoise is loaded with very personal, honest and powerful tunes in its 11-track song list. In “Turn Off the World,” one of Devon’s most insightful compositions on the new CD, he asks to go where he can “wash off this rock and roll” so that he can cleanse his soul to start anew and refresh his mind after spending so much time on the road. “Homesick,” carries that sentiment further and was the first song written for Turquoise.
“The last 10 years I’ve spent in hotels, airplanes, taxis, truck stops, etc.,” says Allman about the track “This song is dedicated to my family for putting up with my absence.”  He demonstrates his affinity for Latin and African music on the rhythmic “There’s No Time” (co-written by rising star guitarist Tyler Stokes); weaves an insightful autobiographical tale on “When I Left Home” (with guest Luther Dickinson adding some slinky lead and slide guitar); and pares down to the quietest of places on the lovely “Yadira’s Lullaby” (which recalls his late uncle Duane’s acoustic guitar on the classic “Little Martha”). Turquoise represents some of the finest work in Devon Allman’s career thus far, engaging in its scope and thrilling in its execution. This is an album of reflection of Devon’s past life and it’s the stories that only he can tell. “These songs are very special to me,” says Allman. “It’s part ‘dusty road driving music’ and part ‘tropical getaway’ music. These are the stories, feelings and reflections from my last couple of decades of forging my musical path.”
The 10 originals on Turquoise include two co-written with RSB brother Mike Zito, plus a blazing version of Tom Petty’s “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” that really rocks, courtesy of some righteous vocals by Devon and special guest Samantha Fish.


Side A
01. When I Left Home            
02. Don’t Set Me Free            
03. Time Machine                    
04. Stop Draggin My Heart Around     
05. There’s No Time

Side B    
06. Strategy                    
07. Homesick                
08. Into The Darkness            
09. Key Lime Pie                
10. Yadira’s Lullaby            
11. Turn Off The World


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